Ep 14 - Hit Reset Radio Enters The Drone Zone
Posted: December 13, 2013
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This month, Hit Reset Radio covers games they've been playing, 'liking' things in real life, drones, and more.

Ep 13 - Cosplay, Takei, and GTA
Posted: September 23, 2013
(Listen On Youtube)
In episode 13 of Hit Reset Radio, Dinky covers his trip to Dragon Con and George Takei. We discuss Cosplay, Grand Theft Auto V's record sales, and lots of listener questions.

Ep 12 - Quest for the Throne of Bone
Posted: August 6, 2013
(Listen On Youtube)
Hit Reset Radio returns with episode 12 to discuss Ninja Baseball Bat Man, cartoons, sniffing video game consoles, and the many voices of John Pio.

Ep 11 - The Last XBone Of Steel
Posted: June 23, 2013
(Listen On Youtube)
Hit Reset Radio - Episode 11 is all about E3, mainly Sony and Microsoft battling it out over the next generation of console gaming. Dinky Dana also played through the recent release "The Last Of Us", watching "Man of Steel" and John covers "Ultima Forever". It's a funny one so sit back and enjoy the show.

Ep 10 - Hit Reset Radio's Ultima-te Return
Posted: May 29, 2013
(Listen On Youtube)
Hit Reset Radio Episode 10 we make our long needed return to podcasting. The winner of our $60 game giveaway is announced and we answer a listener questions and discuss one of our favorite video game series.

Ep 9 - Arcade Junkie
Posted: November 12, 2012
Hit Reset Radio Episode 9 we have one of our favorite podcast hosts, Tim aka JumbleJunkie from the Operation Kill Screen podcast. The episode gets slightly emo, with a mention of parachute pants, Vintages love of JCPenney, and John harrassed a Nintendo World employee. Oh, and we talk about arcades.

Ep 8 - Hit Reset Halloween
Posted: October 21, 2012
Hit Reset Radio Episode 8 is all about Halloween. We discuss some of our favorite halloween memories, scary video games, and horror films.

Ep 7 - GameNutArcadeHolic7781 in 3D!
Posted: September 12, 2012
In episode 7 of Hit Reset Radio we have on a special guest, Gamester81. We discuss Star Wars, the Classic Gaming Expo, PAX Prime, and our favorite nostalgic board games.

Ep 6 - Nuts and Milk
Posted: August 6, 2012
In episode 6 of Hit Reset Radio we talk about Spiderman, Batman, Nintendo NES games, and John even discusses a few naked video game characters!

Ep 5 - Happy Dungeon Master
Posted: July 8, 2012
For the continuation of our Happy Console Gamer episode, we talk more RPG's, Dungeons and Dragons, tartan weddings, and more!

Ep 4 - Happy Tartan Gamer
Posted: July 7, 2012
We have the special guest Happy Console Gamer on the podcast today. RPG's, Dungeons and Dragons, tartan weddings, and more!

Ep 3 - Fish and Chipsturs
Posted: June 10, 2012
In episode 3 of Hit Reset Radio we bring on our very first guest and friend Chipsturs from YouTube to discuss E3 and also his massive handheld/tabletop gaming collection.

Ep 2 - It Sounds Like Witchcraft To Me
Posted: May 10, 2012
In episode 2 of Hit Reset Radio we discuss E3 expectations, tactile touch screens, game collecting tips, and more. MAMECADE breaks something with a helicopter....

Ep 1 - Pompadour 64
Posted: April 15, 2012
The inaugural episode of the Hit Reset Radio Podcast! Dinky Dana, John Pio of MAMECADE, and Vintage Video Game Geek kick off their podcast with video game discussions on Commodore 64, Pompadours, video game reviews, and more!

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Love Your Podcast, Waiting for the new episodes. Loved the Halloween episode you guys did. Especially John's revenge story. Made me laugh my ass off in class. Thanks for getting me in trouble :D Keep up the good work
WOGSTA100 posted 5 years ago

I live in Louisiana and I'm going to say this, there is no, nada,zip,zero places to find retro videogames except maybe Play N Trade which has OK prices but a very very small selection of retro games and the staff IS a bunch a A-holes. Plus Flea markets and Goodwills in Louisiana have NOTHING,I'D make a comment on my YouTube Channel to your guys channels but YouTube hates my password and I can't change it or contact the morons at YouTube to fix it so I can log in to it.You can find me on Xbox LIVE under t
nintendobard posted 5 years ago

I just finished listening to episode 9 and loved it! Again I urge you to have avgn on the podcast
Spenser123 posted 6 years ago

Wooo hoo! This podcast is sweet, it's as if you took the game Grey Lancer and coated it with sugar then rolled it in a pizza then dunked it in a milkshake. Needless to say, I enjoy it very strongly and thank you for making it possible for my ears to experience this ecstasy you call a podcast once a month (with the exception of the most recent two-parter which was two doses of extreme twitterpation). -Dr.Sanders of Slime Tv
slimetv posted 6 years ago

Oh later that day all the games and hardware were on criagslist including the game I was going to purchase for twice the cost I was going to buy it for... Has this happened to you guys before?
Prowings posted 6 years ago

Great podcast! I loved hearing Vintage's story about the ps2 at goodwill and Dinky's stops at flea markets. I know your guys were looking for more questions from the listeners so hear it goes. Flea markets, and Goodwills are great places to find "rare" games for your collection. Have any of you ever found yourself competing with other collectors or resellers at these places? I experienced this last weekend, when a reseller interfered in me buying a game so he could buy the entire table of games...
Prowings posted 6 years ago

Yeah Dinky, make that happen.
vintagevideogamegeek posted 6 years ago

Have avgn on after happy console gamer
Spenser123 posted 6 years ago

great job guys I love every episode and i follow all of you on youtube. If you could to make the next podcast pretty soon that would be awsome.
Spenser123 posted 6 years ago

I love this podcast. I've listened to every episode. You dudes are doing a great job. Never stop.
robandedsfunnyshorts posted 6 years ago

Another excellent episode with Chipsturs as a guest. Really enjoyed the tabletop game discussion, as I knew little to nothing about them prior to this episode. Great stuff you guys!!!
relewis2011 posted 6 years ago

Really nice podcast I'm a big fan of all of you on YouTube especially you dinky. I wish I had a n.e.s because broke and I have a billion games for it.
Spenser123 posted 6 years ago

just listened to the two podcasts, really enjoyed them. the banter is great and i love listening to you guys, cant wait for the next podcast. congrats john on number 2 :)
evo4123 posted 6 years ago

Do it dude!
vintagevideogamegeek posted 6 years ago

Love the podcast, I collect video games and play them when i get a chance, im in the same boat as john and vintage with the kids department. My other friends dont collect so its nice to hear you guys talk, im actually thinking about starting up a you tube page because of you guys so... perhaps :D
dergian posted 6 years ago

Loved the second episode just as much as the first, keep it up guys!
TheGamerz01 posted 6 years ago

This podcast kicks ass! B-) It's definitely right up there with the best! Cheers
pestro87 posted 6 years ago

Post your Gameboy game collection!
vintagevideogamegeek posted 6 years ago

Where's that iTunes link?
vintagevideogamegeek posted 6 years ago

Great podcast guys, really enjoyed it. Got here thru PetreDorr's AGG recommendation
Grandeboracho posted 6 years ago

No problem Vintage!
DinkyDana posted 6 years ago

Win! Thanks for fixing that Dinkster!
vintagevideogamegeek posted 6 years ago

Fail! It won't let me register "vintagevideogamegeek" because it is over 16 characters!
Vintage posted 6 years ago

diiiinky dana
imidom posted 6 years ago

I am commenting. Ooooo look, it leaves the letters I typed on the screen. Niffty.
mamecade posted 6 years ago

My first comment for the website!
DinkyDana posted 6 years ago

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