Minecraft - Mob Spawner XP Farm Tutorial

December 10, 2014 1:47 pm - TheBeatlesPkmnFan42

Today I am going to teach you how to easily convert a dungeon in Minecraft to an XP Farm. This works with either Skeleton or Zombie spawners, but I used a Zombie one since it requires an extra step.

Here's a fake dungeon I set up in Creative, no roof to make it easy to take pictures of. As you can see, the spawner is in the middle.

Make the dungeon three blocks wide, with one block of space on both the right and left side of the spawner.

Three blocks from the spawner, place a water source block. Place a block to the left and right side of the water block.

Place a block to the right and left side of the block without water. This is not necessary but I feel like it makes it easier for the mobs to flow into the hole we will make.

Make a hole where there is no water. Make sure it is not so deep to where it kills the mobs, since this is an XP farm, not an item farm. Clear out an area down below where you will stand as you attack the mobs.

By the way, placing a torch on the spawner until you're ready to use it is a necessity. =P

And now the area you will hit the mobs from. I recommend having them stand a block above you, as looking up and attacking them is easier than looking down and attacking them. For Skeleton spawners, you do not need a half slab, but you need this for Zombie spawners as they spawn babies, which can move through one block tall areas.

So, that's the basic layout of the XP farm I always use. If you so wish, you can install redstone lamps and have a lever to turn on and off, if you do not want the mobs spawning constantly. This would especially be useful if the spawner is in the same chunk as your house and you don't want it lagging your game by constantly spawning mobs.

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