The Pokemon Trading Card Game[GBC/3DS]:Some Review

December 31, 2014 12:22 am - SomeRandomGamer

Disclaimer: This is my first review, so......yeah. Just tell me what I did wrong if you want these to be better.

Once apon a time, a video game series got very popular in the 90's. That series was Pokémon, a game series that started with Pokemon Red and Blue[Or Green, for Japan] that was made by Nintendo which was first released in 1996-1998. What came next was Pokémania, and Nintendo took advantage of it. With plushes, a TV show, and even a trading card game to boot, Pokémon became pretty popular, and with that, a game for that trading card game was first released in 1998-2000 . Is this game worth playing and/or buying? Let me tell you what I think.

Let's start with the story of this game by quoting the game's text. Your character[The default name of this character is Mark, for future reference] "is crazy about Pokémon and Pokémon card collecting. One day, Mark heard a rumor. "The legendary Pokémon Cards..... The extremly rare and powerful cards held by Pokémon Trading Card Game's greatest players...The Grand Masters are searching for one to inherit the legend!" Dreaming of inheriting the Legendary Pokémon Cards, Mark visits the Pokémon Card Researcher, Mr. Mason..."and then you start. It's..... an average story for a Pokémon game, in fact there is a lot of similiarites between the story of this game and the story of Pokémon Red, Blue, and/or Green, which you have to defeat 8 important people to get 8 different rewards in order to progress to the harder fights and there's a Rival in both games but, it doesn't seem to bother me that much.

The gameplay is good, and it helps people to get into the TCG. The basics are tought well with the tutorial battle, and you get a choice a three decks to start off with, but it gets a bit repetitive. You talk to someone, you start the battle, you get your hand, do a coin flip, and then the battle starts. If you win, and you get some booster packs to help with your collection. If you lose, then you get nothing and you can battle the duelist again. Of course, there's the master battles, which are fun, but it's still around that formula. At least there's over 200 cards to collect to alter your deck, which is not bad, it had most of the cards from the TCG at the time so it's good for that. There's also multiplayer....... for the Gameboy edition only, which you can battle, trade, or you can do Card Pop, a game mode which can get some new cards via infared connection. If you can find some people with this game and a Gameboy,it's another thing to keep you from getting bored.

But, the winning part of this game is the music. Oh my gosh, the music is amazing for it's time and it's some of the best of the Pokémon series and a lot of the songs in this are some of my personal favorites. The Master duels, the Grand Master duels, and even the Title Screen has good music. I never really had a strong reaction to the starting music to a Pokémon game until I played this game[ Of course, this is one of the first Pokémon games I played along with Fire Red, Blue and Emerald so I could be just being controlled by nostalgia].

Overall, I say it's a good game worth buying if you like to try something from the Pokémon series that is a bit more strategic, but not by that much or if you want to play the trading card game. But, if you don't want to buy this game from the 3DS e-shop or for GBC, you should search up the music, it's really impressive for the GBC in my opinion.

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