Bayonetta Review - Perv Game To The Max

July 23, 2014 11:22 am - DinkyDana

With Bayonetta 2 being right around the corner, the hype for the game has blown up. People are calling it a console seller for the Nintendo Wii U, so to understand all this hype, I decided to pick up Bayonetta and see what all the fuss was about.

Bayonetta was released in 2010 by Platinum games, and the series and developers have grown quite the following. They have released games like Mad World (which I loved), Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising, and The Wonderful 101.

In Bayonetta, you play as the voluptuous female witch, Bayonetta. She was revived from the bottom of a lake twenty years ago and has no memory of her past. Knowing that you own one half of the "Eyes of the World", you set out into the world of Vingrid in search of the other half. Throughout your journey, you meet many interesting characters, most goofy and ridiculous, but add a bit of humor to the game. The story is really all over the place in this game and it doesn't really even start to make sense until the very end, but it'll certainly give you a few laughs.

Bayonetta is an action adventure game where you will hack and slash your way through hoardes of enemies. The combat system in Bayonetta is one of it's strongest points. At first, the combat may seem simple but if you take the time to learn the move combinations, you'll really start kicking some serious ass. The controls reminded me of old Virtua Fighter fighting games where you have a long list of move combinations to allow you to dish out more damage.

They also implemented some cool ideas into combat like Witch Time. If you dodge enemy attacks at just the right moment, you will be able to enter Witch Time. This mode allows you to move at full speed while everything around you moves in slow motion. Learning to dodge enemy attacks at just the right moment adds a very exciting feel to the gameplay as you learn to dodge and string combos together.

The main highlight of Bayonetta for me was it's over the top action sequences and boss fights. Bayonetta is absolutely and intentionally meant to be a ridiculous over the top (almost silly) game. There are throw backs to old Sega Games like a full Space Harrier level where you fly on a missile dodging hundreds of enemy attacks, doing barrel rolls, and fighting massive bosses all while listening to a remixed version of the original Space Harrier theme! How can anyone not appreciate something like that?

There are also bosses that are truly larger than life and seem like you will never be able to defeat them, but the game has a way of keeping you right on the verge of death while still giving you a massive sense of satisfaction when you take out the boss on the first try.

One last thing this game certainly focuses on is the voluptuous, leather(hair)-clad main character. While playing through the game, not only will she often be dancing for you, but you will certainly get plenty off ass and crotch shots of her leather covered body. It's very apparent what type of crowd Platinum games was targeting with this one.

Overall, I thought Bayonetta was a great game. I am definitely ready now for Bayonetta 2 which is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U releasing in October 2014. If you're willing to play an over the top action game with a serious sense of humor, you should definitely check Bayonetta out.

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