Microsoft Double Charging For Xbox Live - Don't Get Ripped Off

September 10, 2014 2:26 pm - DinkyDana

I recently checked my bank statement and realized that I had been charged twice for my Xbox Live 12-month subscription. I had two separate charges of $59.99 showing up so I decided to call Xbox customer support and get the issue resolved.

When I spoke with a customer service rep, I explained my issue. He refused to accept that it was an error on Xbox's part and told me to look into options like verifying I hadn't bought a $59.99 game or maybe it was a charge for Microsoft Office subscription.

I had already researched all options this expense could have come from and told the rep that the exact charge on my bank statement was from Xbox Live. He stated that he was, "unable to verify the charges because he didn't have access to that information."

Needless to say, the charges were removed later that day.

I am writing this article to alert people to check their bank statements to be sure you were not double charged. I have no idea whether this was just an innocent error on Xbox's part, but it has recently been brought to my attention that others have had this issue as well. Seems pretty shady to me.

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