Scared To Play Dark Souls? Don't Be!

March 26, 2014 3:37 pm - jumblejunkie

I'll be honest here. I have had Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in my Steam library since summer of 2013. Just about everyone who is an active steam user gets sucked into the summer sale vortex. Of course, being a born again PC Gamer, I fell into the vortex! Dark Souls for 6.99? How could I say no?

March of 2014 comes, and Dark Souls 2 drops. I see endless post on social media from people are super hype for the new Dark Souls game. Why on earth are people so pumped to play a game that is A) Proven to be extremely difficult and B) Cause to you rage. I rage enough playing fighting games. I have a beat to hell Madcatz fight stick to prove that. I don't need a broken controller to match it.

What clicked? I've seen countless streams on Twitch showing the sheer brutality that is Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. I saw death after death after death. Yet, people kept coming back for more. So, I decided to finally launch Dark Souls on my PC and play after all the Dark Souls 2 raving. Now the first obsical for me was the controls. They felt wonky at first and I wasn't crazy about using the sholder buttons to use my weapon and shield. My natual instinct was to mash X (using a 360 controller), but pushing X proceeded me using a lifegem that I really didn't want to use. Dark Souls does a decent job showing you the mechanics of the game with messages on the ground explaining the game. It gives you different sceneiors you will encounted. Boobie traps, secret areas, NPCs, and your first boss encounter. I feel silly saying I spent an hour in this begining area. I went back and did it again in 5 minuets when I restarted my game (to stream). That enough was enough for me to pick up Dark Souls 2. I can already see the potential.

I have been jugling the 2 games at the same time. I've put about 40+ hours in Dark Souls 2 and about 20+ in Dark Souls currently. And just like the title says, don't be scared to play Dark Souls. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it can be frustrating. Dark Souls treats you like a new puppy. Puppy's are clumbsy and careless. Over time your puppy learns and becomes trained. You can still make mistakes and be a bad dog, but at the end of the day, you are still loyal and keep coming back even if you mess up. In Dark Souls, you will sometimes spend hours on an area and then something clicks. The ammount of satification you get from completeing a task is something I haven't felt in a game in a long time. I am sad that I have waited this long to tackle this series.

Dark Souls 2 in my opinion, is much more "noobie" friendly than what I have found so far in Dark Souls. Dark Souls can easily put you in areas that you probably shouldn't be in. Dark Souls 2 seems to be more linear and tad more safe when traveling. The die hards say Dark Souls is better than the 2nd, but from a new guy to the series I can say that I tend to lean more to part 2, but I can see why others prefer the first more. Dark Souls has made me rage quit ONLY once but I came back and figured out what I had to do. Don't give up..... ever! Praise the Sun!

Thanks for reading guys. Be sure to check out my stream where I will be probably streaming one of the Dark Souls games. I am addicted!!

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