Game Hunting - Mother's Day Weekend

May 12, 2014 9:29 am - retrojay82

So on my way up to visit my mom for Mother’s Day, my wife suggested – since we were running hours ahead of schedule – stopping at a game store we had luck at before when we visited on my birthday. The name of this store is Mega Replay, though they’ve also gone by Disc Replay in the past. It’s a used game and movie store in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and I’ve found both their selection and prices to be quite fair. They also offer a buy five items and get the sixth free (with restrictions) deal, which as a collector I love to see.

I picked up:

  • NES – Double Dragon II

  • NES – Hook

  • PS1 – Johnny Bazookatone (Longbox)

  • PS1 – Tekken (Longbox)

  • PS3 – Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

  • Saturn – Virtua Fighter Kids

I’m quite happy to officially add a Double Dragon to my NES library, and Hook was a game I previously owned during my FuncoLand tenure but was later stolen, so I’m very happy to have it back. My wife and I enjoy tracking down PS1 longboxes, and the original Tekken closes out the PS1 Tekken trilogy for me. Very happy to add these to my collection!

We then continued on to where my mom lives and my wife suggests we hit the local Salvation Army. There is a retail store in the area, but our budget was getting tight. Fortunately, we also had some luck there as well!

I spotted a LucasArts CD binder with an X-Wing on it and had to look inside. Awaiting me inside that binder were perfect discs for the PC games Rebel Assault, Rebel Assault II, and TIE Fighter: Collector’s Edition! All games I loved playing as a kid and PC gems I’ll happily play again! I’ll take it!

We were about to go check out when my wife spied another PC title amidst the CDs, and one I’m overly fond of. You see, there are two PC franchises that hold a lot of meaning and memory for me. One of them is EverQuest, and I’ll always grab whatever EverQuest merchandise I happen across (particularly anything before Shadows of Luclin!). The other franchise that continues to hold a spell over me is Myst. I spent countless hours exploring those various ages and solving those seemingly-impossible puzzles. Sure enough, the game my wife spotted was my beloved Myst. And not the later re-releases. This was the original “for 256 color Windows” Myst disc. I ask to see the disc (already knowing in my head it was coming home with me) and discovered a second disc in the case. Tekken II, for PS1. I’ve already got the game complete, but I figured I could trade it for credit somewhere and since they bundled both for the same price, I considered it a bonus.

All in all, a fun run with some pickups I’m very happy to see join the collection!

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