Shoot Many Robots Review

May 9, 2012 10:22 am - DinkyDana

Shoot Many Robots is a downloadable video game released in March 2012 by Demiurge Studios and published by Ubisoft. It is available for download on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and Steam and costs $10. This is Demiurges first original title after having worked on popular video games like BioShock, Mass Effect, Borderlands, and many others.


Shoot Many Robots is a side scrolling run and gun shooter very much reminiscent of the Contra and Metal Slug series. Contra is one of my favorite NES games, so when I heard about Shoot Many Robots I just had to pick it up. As you play through the early stages of the game, you learn the basic controls and begin to gain experience used to level up your character. As you gain more levels, your character becomes more powerful just like in an RPG. Also, as you kill robots, you pick up nuts which are the games' currency. You can then use these nuts in your trailer to purchase new weapons and armor. Like most run and guns, the controls are very simple. Depending on your armor pieces, you can have ability to glide after you jump, slide, and do a ground stomp while in mid-air. The controls and all these abilities are very responsive and are really a lot of fun.

Why I enjoyed Shoot Many Robots

That covers the basic mechanics of the game, so now I'll go over the main reasons I enjoyed this game so much. The first and main reason is that the game is able to be played co-op locally or online with up to 4 players. I am a huge fan of co-op games and this one did not disappoint. As you play through each level, you'll kill enemies and collect nuts to buy new items and the money splits evenly between all players so you don't have to fight to pick up the money. Also, when you kill enemies, there is a chance that an armor piece or weapon will drop from them. When one does, it will drop in a crate having the color of which player can pick it up. So if a blue crate drops, only the blue character can pick it up. I really like when co-op games have a system like this because it doesn't promote someone running around stealing all the items and everyone works together.

So as you play through the game, the levels obviously get more and more difficult and it used a point system to determine how many stars you get on the levels. The faster and more skilled you are in the level, the higher the rating you get. My cousin and I really had a great time going back and 5 starring each level. By the time you make it to the end of the game playing on insane difficulty, there are hundreds of robots swarming the screen owning you and sending you back to the last checkpoint to start again. Shoot Many Robots doesn't really punish you for dying much, you just lose some points and return to the last checkpoint in the level.

Should you buy this game?

Like I said before, if you are a fan of online co-op shooter video games...this one is the choice for you. For such a cheap price, it's easily worth the purchase. I hope you enjoyed this video game review. Be sure to check out my other video game reviews for more video game recommendations.

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