Wii Imports: Inazuma Eleven Go Strikers 2013

March 29, 2014 4:15 pm - Neokenjiro

Soccer games are not exactly games I get excited about when someone suggests playing a sports title. Most often I select action sports titles like Mutant League Football, Base Wars, and awesome arcade titles like Neo Turf Masters. There has never been a soccer game I’ve ever found exciting until now!

Recently a friend and I took the liberty of modding my Nintendo Wii. On that day I learned that while we were setting up the mod we could make the Wii region free. So of course I set the Wii to region free so I could check out some of the great import titles for the console. I went to eBay found a lot of great import titles including Soul Eater, Twinkle Queen, Densha de Go!, and Captain Rainbow. All of these games interested me because they were a variety of genre games, but none of them were a sports title.

As I continued my research I came upon a game called Inazuma Eleven an anime style soccer game. I usually wouldn’t go out of my way to look up game footage for sports titles but I decided since it had anime style graphics I’d give it a look. This was a great decision because I learned about a great anime series as well as an amazing soccer game.

To describe this game as a simple soccer game would be a lie. If you like realistic style soccer games this in not the game for you. However if you like games that defy physics and have some of the most rewarding super shots this is a game you’ll want to get.

About a month ago I ordered a copy of the newest installment of the series Inazuma Eleven Go Strikers 2013. With over 24 teams to choose from and over 200 players you’ll have a blast! This game also has RPG elements allowing you to customize your own team and design killer combos with your team members. This game also has an element of building trust and friendship on the team. You’ll need to have members work on the same team to open up some 2 player attacks and three player attacks.

Give this one a shot if you have a imported Wii or a modded Wii. The game price runs between $35-$60, the price tag is high but I promise you a fulfilling experience!

Watch the anime here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWVn6R9Px_GOQv9lmqmiuSQ

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