Xenoblade Chronicles-My Favorite Game Of All Time Review

September 15, 2014 11:01 am - MDG94

Xenoblade Chronicles is not a perfect game. But it is a flawed masterpiece none the less and it is by far my favorite game that I have ever played. To describe Xenoblade Chronicles is incredibly difficult becuase there is practically nothing else out there like it in the gaming world. The game is basically a huge open world JRPG with excellent production values.

Story: While the story in games is not the most important aspect, a well crafted story can be delicous iceing on an already wonderful cake, and Xenoblade Chronicles story is absolutely enthrolling with excellent characters, excellent voice acting, and excellent writing. The game does have some of the JRPG typical story elements though. Such as the fact that the main character shulk is a young boy who wields a magical sword and he is the only one who can save the world. It's very typical but at the same time it creates a narritive that is so well put together and original that instead of some of the JRPG narrative tropes pulling the game back from it's greatness, it adds to the enjoyment. Overall the story is well made and extremely original and Enthralling.

Story Grade: A+

Gameplay: The gameplay in Xenoblade Chronicles is great but it's not the best rpg combat system ever. It's not bad at all it's really good, but it's not the best. It's kind of hard to explain so I will just let the trailer and your own experience playing the game speak for itself. However, one of the best things about the game is that you can go anywhere in the game. You do still have to follow the narrative in a linear fassion. But, there are tons of sindquests, items to collect, monsters to kill. It's such a massive open world and it is so darn good.

Gameplay Grade: A-

Graphics: Now I just want to address that this game is not an HD game on the xbox 360 or PS3 or even the current gen consoles. It is on the wii so there are some limitations with the game in terms of graphics. But, the developers, Monolith Software, took the disadvantage of the Nintendo Wii hardware and turned it into an advantage because the graphics in this game are geourgous. It's not the best looking game in terms of the resolution but the artstyle and the world are just absolutely wonderfully put together. I am still shocked as too how they were able to fit this entire game on one Nintendo Wii disk. Because it just absolutley jaw dropping.

Graphics Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A

Conclusion: In conclusion, this game is absolutely one the best games I have ever played, if you ever come across this game used, it probably won't be cheap, but trust me it is well worth the price of $50 or so dollars you will have to pay because to see everything in this game will take you well over 100 hours. I still haven't beaten the main campaign because I am so enthralled in just exploring the vast world that Nintendo and Monolith Software created for my enjoyment. Definitely pick this amazing game up.

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